Due Diligence Reports for Tactical Strategies


Comprehensive Expert Analysis

Kettera Strategies offers a comprehensive research and due diligence service that equips institutions, fund of funds, RIAs, family offices, foundations and endowments with our researched qualitative and quantitative information to better understand and evaluate managers and to assess whether a specific manager meets the investor’s particular investment criteria.

Subject Areas Covered

Utilizing our team’s extensive background in conducting manager due diligence and third-party checks, our analysts generate in-depth reports that adhere to a strict and consistent reporting methodology. This allows straightforward qualitative and quantitative comparisons of multiple managers and ensures coherence within the reports, regardless of location of the program, type of strategy or the analyst writing the report.

Topics Covered

Each report covers a wide range of topics, both qualitative and quantitative, including:

About the Manager

• Manager History
• Organizational & Decision-making Structure
• Operational Structure
• Business Stability
• Risk Management
• Legal and Compliance
• Conflicts of Interest
• Human Resources
• Service Providers & Operational Partners

About the Program

• Basic Overview
• Reliability of Track Record
• Instruments Traded and Liquidity of Instruments
• Risk Management – Program Specific
• Fees, Hidden Fees & Costs
• Reporting & Transparency
• Use of Leverage
• Independent Verification

Quantitative Analysis
• Reconstruction of monthlies using daily P/L
• Linear Regression of Returns – Main Drivers/Factors
• Value Added vs Peer Strategies

Benefits to Partnering with Kettera on Research

• We provide an experienced second opinion and independent view on managers and associated operational investment risks
• We provide access to state-of-the-art operational due diligence services
• We provide a very attractive and affordable low cost outsourcing solution for manager due diligence reports
• We minimize personnel-related risks compared to an in-house solution
• We provide reliability, scalability and flexibility of services
• We provide full transparency on our findings, citing information sources

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Please send us your request and we will respond promptly. We typically complete these reports within 4 to 6 weeks, subject to the hedge fund on fulfilling the data request. Please contact us at or call +1-312-757-5001 (US office) for more information and pricing details.